Break Away fanzine #4
It's been a while since we last reviewed a hardcore fanzine in this blog...
Well, here we have the latest issue of Break Away fanzine, based in Vienna, Austria. Juergen from the great band Worlds Between Us (R.I.P., by the way) takes care of this fanzine along with a couple of friends / co-writers.
Break Away issue 4 includes 44 A4, black & white, but printed in quality illustration paper, pages. The fanzine is written in English and it's a very interesting reading. But what's inside?
Right! Honour Among Thieves, The Carrier, Sirens, The Effort and Feeding Time are interviewed for this issue, while there's a huge in depth Unbroken interview reprint, originally printed in Value Of Strength #2 fanzine, plus a Within Walls tour diary and an interview with the guy responsible for all the amazing photos at facetheshow.com...
There are the usual reviews, as well.
The layout is simple and cool; all in all Break Away is a very nice fanzine and we must send props to those Austrian brothers for releasing paper fanzines because nowadays we miss 'em a lot.