Provoke - 'This Is Real' CD
{Pee Records}
Provoke is one of the leading Australian hardcore bands nowadays. Pete from Pee Records sent me their new album that was released under his label a couple of months ago, and today I got the chance to listen to it thoroughly.
Provoke come from Brisbane / Sunshine Coast of Australia and they were formed back in early 2004 and have already released an EP (recently re-released because it was out of print) and the split CD with Tempo 38 called "Brothers In Battle".
"This Is Real" includes 10 songs of pure, undiluted hardcore, that all the fans of bands like Agnostic Front, Madball and No Turning Back will definitely like.
I had many months to listen to such a sincere old school hardcore band. Their sound is tough but the guys have nothing to do with fake tough guy / macho bands.
They seem to love what they are doing, though.
Go and dare to check 'em out if you wanna listen some pure, uncompromised hardcore music!