Steal Your Crown - s/t MCD
{Demons Run Amok Entertainment}
Steal Your Crown come from Portugal and they exist as a band since 2004.
Their first official self-titled MCD was released by the German label Demons Run Amok and it features 9 songs (intro & outro included).
Steal Your Crown play brutal - NYC influenced - hardcore with lots of breakdowns, hip hop references and some old school mosh parts.
You may know that this is not my favorite style of hardcore music, but I must admit that Steal Your Crown are very good in what they are doing and I can easily listen to their MCD and then press repeat after it's finished!
Catchy "tough guy" hardcore with lyrics full of words like crews, ghettos, fights and the rest. I'm not too much into that kind of lyrics and surely I cannot relate to them. Besides that I'm not the right guy to judge because I do not even know these guys, but they seem to believe it.
The music is for fans of Madball, Skarhead, Death Threat and Madball, and the production is fucking amazing! The mastering was done by Igor (Backfire / Angel Crew), by the way.
If you are into this style of hardcore music, then this CD is for you.
The more times I listen to it, the more I like it!
Now I have to wear my bandana and kick out some asses out of my neighborhood...!!!

P.S. In the band's own words "Steal Your Crown is 100% real hardcore band. Fuck all the policies. This is underground. We stand for our values: truth, respect, unity, equality and friendship. Fuck racism, fuck xenophobia, we show love to the ones that respect us."