Tromatized Youth - "Tromaville Against The World" CD
{Hardcore Trooper Records}
Tromatized Youth is a hardcore band from Nantes, France.
They are active in the scene since 1999, featuring ex-members of bands like Slamface, To Learn and Right 4 Life.
"Tromaville Against The World" is their debut full length (following a CD EP / 7" and a self - released demo) and includes 22 killer old school hardcore songs with a strong NYC touch.
Their lyrics are a bit humoristic but thought provoking, as well. They enjoy a lot what they are doing and their songs and shows are full of energy.
They have already played with many bigger acts like 25 Ta Life, Walls Of Jericho, F.V.K., and they also played in Hellfest 2007 along with lots of major metal / hardcore / punk groups.
I really like their "tromaville" hardcore style, it's really catchy fast old school hardcore with lots of breaks and good vibes!
There's a Ramones cover ("Blitzkrieg Pop"), too, featuring guest vocals by Flo (Baxter), Tino (Janitors / Headliners) and Alex (Bunkum / Penalty).
Moreover, the CD is enhanced including an awesome video clip for the song "Melvin's Revenge".

P.S. Tromatized Youth's singer, Mehdi, owns Hardcore Trooper Records, as well, a very cool record label that has already released 25 Ta Life, For The Real, Golden District and Bunkum.