Soey - "Rush Hour In Phantom City" CD
{Laserlife Records}
Soey is a collective of punk rock musicians from eastern Austria and this is their first full length album, released during the previous summer by Laserlife Records.
'Rush hour in phantom city' includes 10 songs of melodic modern punk rock with some post hardcore / post punk influences and some emo hints.
It's not your typical melodic punk rock, but it's more experimental, if you can get what I'm trying to say!
Think of a mixture of Hot Water Music and Propagandhi with At The Drive In and Rise Against.
Soey is a very talented alternative band that stands also for their values and believe that their music is not a kind of fashion rebellion, but something more.
They support the anti-sexist, gay-positive, anti-fascist, animal friendly and ecological sustainable movement.
They have already played many shows in Austria and all over Europe, as well.
Their first opus is just awesome for those who like emotional punk rock music.
The production is very cool and the CD was mastered by Alan Douches at the West West Side Music in New York.
The artwork is great too, maybe too arty for the hardcore / punk junkies, but it really rules.
Check out Soey, they deserve it.