Carpathian - "Isolation" CD
{Deathwish Inc.}
This CD is a fucking masterpiece, believe me...
I must admit that I haven't ever listened to Carpathian (I just knew their name) until Nicole Deathwish sent me over the "Isolation" promo. But, dude, the first time I listened to it, I got fucking busted. It's a blast. That's the modern age hardcore for sure. That's Deathwish hardcore. Dark, melodic and tough (not the wrong way...).
Carpathian come from Victoria, Australia, and exist since 2005, having released a first album and a 7" under the awesome Australian label Resist Records (home of Parkway Drive, 50 Lions and No Apologies among tons of others).
"Isolation" was released a couple of months ago by Deathwish Inc. and it was recorded in Massachusets, Boston.
It includes 10 songs of uncompromising new hardcore music, fresher than ever, in the vein of bands like Ceremony, Verse, Shipwreck A.D. and the likes, but with a great unique touch.
There are guest vocals by Pat Flynn / Have Heart and JD / Shipwreck A.D. as well.
The artwork is fantastic and the production rules.
No much more to say, I'm fucking siked on this release...
It comes in cute vinyl limited edition, too.