You Lose! - "All In" demo CD
{self - released}
You Lose! is a new band from Paris, France and in their first demo, that includes 6 songs, manage so well to represent their hardcore scene, delivering modern old school hardcore with a strong NYC touch and in ya face lyrics.
They may remind you of Terror, Allegiance and Blacklisted, but I think they are closer to Guns Up and Down To Nothing.
Their songs are so fast and intense that stick to your mind and push you to trash up everything in your way!
I suggest that you should check 'em out definitely, they are the future of Paris Hardcore for sure.
My friend Niki from Ugly & Proud Records just told me that they are planning some Bulgarian shows, so you may watch 'em live in Greece, as well, sooner or later...
The cover of the CD is a photography by Michael Cooper, called "Civilization", featuring a wolf lying dead on the road...