Party, Party, Party!!!
by World's Appreciated Kitsch
Yo, yo, yo!
Yeah, we know that there's been ages since our last update but this was due to various reasons including shows, tours, army obligations, girl expectations etc...
Anyway, a lot of new reviews are coming, plus a Strength Approach mini tour report (featuring some great photos) and a No Use For A Name show presentation (yeah they are playin' in Greece in 10 days!!!).
Till then, do not forget to join us in the new World's Appreciated Kitsch party that will take place on Friday, 6th February at Rapsodia Bar, in Volos, suicidal city.
DJ sets by Leonidas & Apostolis WAK.
Free Disharmonic CDs to everyone!
Btw, the amazing poster was designed by Jim - Ultra Grim Designs / I Want You Dead band.
Hugs and kisses,