Punchline - "Stench of Deception" CD
{Classwar Records}
Punchline is a legendary hardcore band from Innsbruck, Austria; they exist since 1997 and they have released a bunch of quality records since then, among them a split with Permanent Style, 2 full length albums and a sold out demo.
"Stench Of Deception" is their latest release that came ou
t some months ago under a new label called Classwar Records and includes 11 songs of uncompromising hardcore, the way that only Punchline know how to play!
That means the perfect mixture between NYHC, 90s new school hardcore, thrash metal and punk!

Lyricwise, Punchline represent the hardcore ethics and ideology, while they are into political / social issues. Moreover, there's one song against abortion (I strongly disagree with this concept, if you need my opinion...). Besides that, they use caustic lyrics about today's hardcore scene and all this fashion that have replaced the spirit (or the passion, like H2O sing, hehe!)
All in all, the new Punchline record is fucking awesome and a must have for all the fans of quality all school hardcore.

If you believe that I exaggerate things a bit, then go buy "Stench of Deception" and check out yourself! Or you better attend their one and only Greek show in Athens, AN Club on Friday 27th February, hehe!!!
The amazing Spanish artist and cooperator of World's Appreciated Kitsch Records, called Javi (www.almaltiempo.com) designed the poster and he did a great work once more!
The bands that will share the stage along with the Austrians are Eden Demise, a brutal hardcore band from Athens (record release show!), Human Battle, street punk rock from Athens, too, and Against The Society, metallic hardcore from Volos city.
The ticket is 12 euros and the show will start around 21.30.
See ya there!!!