Nothing, I Know - "Face of fear" MCD
{WAK, True To The Game, RPHC, United X Front, Taenia, Bunker, Northern Territory, Troskot, High Voltage, Ugly & Proud, Devil Child, Wrong Side, Safety}
This MCD is the latest release of World's Appreciated Kitsch, in collaboration with several labels from all over the world (Spain, Philippines, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, UK). Among them, there's True To The Game Records, the label that my good friend Steos is taking care of.
So, as you can imagine, this is a special release for us and I cannot write down an objective review; instead of this I'll do a mini presentation of the CD.
Well, first of all, Nothing, I Know come from Modena, Italy and they were formed in September 2007 by ex-members of bands like Dissonanza and Tearing Blood.
They are into metallic hardcore; we can call it metalcore, but it's not the right word I guess... They are influenced by Death Before Dishonor, Sick Of It All, Walls Of Jericho and the likes, but I cannot compare them to any of the bands mentioned above; in my opinion they maintain a unique style and sound...
"Face Of Fear" includes 5 very well structured songs fueled with metallic riffs, double bass drumming, breakdowns, fast parts, brutal vocals and an ultra tight production.
Moreover, the artwork is very nice and I really like the cover, too, that includes an old school typewriter, hehe!
You can get your copy in Greece either from WAK's distro or from True To The Game Records.