Malibu Stacey - "Sei Spettatore o Superstar?" CD
{Dracma Records}
Malibu Stacey is a punk/rock band from Torino, Italy.
Torino is located in the north of the country and has spawned a lot of cool hardcore / punk bands in the past. My favorites are Arsenico and Not Found (they are touring Greece for the 2nd time, along with Atlas Losing Grip this May, watch out for it!)...
Anyway, I got Malibu Stacey's (what a cool yet weird name, haha) digipack CD the previous month and I was impressed by the cool artwork and packaging. Musicwise, they are producing a nice blend of punk rock music with a lot of rock and alternative elements (maybe more than punk), that some times may remind you of Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age & Pearl Jam.
I'm getting confused, you too? Yeah, Malibu Stacey is not a punk rock band with rock influences... It's an alternative rock band with a punk rock background, haha!
All the lyrics are in Italian language, so I have no idea of what they are singing about
Whatever, go check 'em out your self and mold your own opinion!
They won't dissapoint you for sure...
Take care.