Strength Approach - "All the plans we made are going to fail" CD
{GSR Music}
I was supposed to write this review before the Strength Approach greek shows... I didn't make it with the deadlines for once more, as you guess... What a jackass.
Anyway, here we are, better late than never, hehe!
Strength Approach is one of my favorite European hardcore bands since I firstly listened to them back in 2002. They were formed in Rome, Italy, 12 years ago and since then they have managed to put out several quality hardcore releases and tour everywhere, from Europe to The States and even Japan.
"All the plans we made are going to fail" is their latest opus that was released some months ago by the well known label, GSR Music (a.k.a. Gangstyle Records). It includes 15 songs of passionate melodic & straight forward old school hardcore, with no metal fills, but with a strong rock 'n' roll touch. Catchy riffs, great vocals, guitar solos, sing-alongs and in brief the record has everything that an open-minded hardcore / punk kid wants to listen to!
All the songs are favorites and I really like the lyrics, too; they might be personal, but they touch the hearts of various kids, including mine.
If you wanna spend half an hour full of hardcore/punk music, emotions and energy, then this is the record to listen to, trust me!

P.S.no.1: The album features guest vocals by Mustafa-Die! and Josh To Kill.
P.S.no.2: Strength Approach are touring Europe with the legendary Cro-Mags this month and then they fly to USA for a full tour along with another cool Italian band called La Crisi!