Sixlip - "Know Who You Are" CD
{Pee Records / Broken Hill Records}
Sixlip is a straight up hardcore band from Christchurch, New Zealand!
Well, it's the first time that I'm writing a review for a whole record coming out of this country, but as far as I remember, I had some copies, a couple of years ago, of an awesome compilation that some buddies released there... so it seems that there's a cool punk / hardcore scene in New Zealand!
Pete from Pee Records headquarters (South Australia) sent me the new Sixlip CD, called "Know Who You Are", which is co-produced with Broken Hill Records, a nice label from New Zealand.
Sixlip offer 9 songs of straight forward and fast hardcore music in the vein of Terror, Comeback Kid (excluding the emotional parts) and Blacklisted.
The record was produced by the legendary Nick Jett (Terror), so the whole result is just ace. The lyrics are about everyday life / struggle, personal issues and some more emotional stuff.
All the packaging is cool and the cover is plain and nice!
Go and check 'em out now!