Lutece Borgia - "Long Live Summer" CD
{Une Vie Pour Rien?}
Lutece Borgia is a street punk / oi! / rock 'n' roll band from Paris, France, and they exist for almost a decade, while some of their members are active in the scene since the mid 80s!
"Long Live Summer" is actually their first ever full length album, even though they have already released a demo, a 7" ("Dans la Boue", 2002), a MCD called "Choose" and a split 7" along with The Janitors, another cool French street punk / oi! band.
Moreover, they are featured in "Oi! The Meeting, 2005" DVD.
The new album includes 13 songs of street punk / oi! music with a lot of punk rock and rock 'n' roll stitches. They draw influences from bands like The Clash, Ramones, The Templars and Cockney Rejects.
The lyrics are mainly in English language, while there are 3-4 songs sung in their native language, too.
They sing about issues like everyday life, society, rich people, lost nights, alcohol & rock 'n' roll.
The songs are catchy, simple but well structured.
If you are into this kind of music, then it's worth to check 'em out.
Their CD is a nice digipack one with a fucking awesome cover (haha!) and it was released by the hard working French label "Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles" (yeah! I still owe you a shitload of money dude, sorry!!!!!!!), also home for The Janitors, The Daltonz etc.