Last Mile - "s/t" CD
{Demons Run Amok Entertainment}
It's been ages since I got this CD... I was supposed to review it around 4-5 months ago, but, damn, once more there was a fucking delay... Sorry... The band has already out a new EP called "The Heavy Weight", but anyway, back to the point!
Here we have Last Mile's debut full length that was released by Demons Run Amok, one of the best quality hardcore labels from Germany.
May I state that Last Mile (by the way, they come from Denmark) is an all - star band? They feature two members of the legendary Barcode, plus members of Stomped, As We Fight and Hatesphere... So, yeah, here we definitely have an all star band!
Nevertheless, their first opus includes 15 songs of straight to the point hardcore for all the fans of Terror and bands that are influenced by Terror. Yeah, in my opinion, the main influence here is Terror! There are same more punkish riffs and some metal parts every now & then during the album, but all in all the Last Mile debut is a fucking awesome hardcore record, one of the best I listened to in 2008. And I feel really sorry for not reviewing this piece of gold before...
Lyricwise, they sing about more personal issues, but their lyrics are thought provoking as well.
The cover art and the whole booklet artwork is fantastic, check out the artist Christof Kather, you can find his link below.
Check out their new EP, as well.