Punishable Act - "From the Heart to the Crowd 1993-2006" CD
{Spook Records, One Voice Records, Punishable Style Records}
Punishable Act is a well know hardcore band from Germany. Its members are active in the European hardcore / punk scene since the mid 80s...
The first time I got in touch with their music was 4 years ago, when I bought their "When it came from" CD from Core-Tex Records, Berlin, even though I had heard about them before (but never listened to their music).
They play European hardcore, compared to the style of Ryker's, Brightside and the likes, plus influences by Agnostic Front and the whole NYHC scene, and of course Biohazard.
This compilation CD is like a best of from their 1993-2006 era and includes 14 songs from all their discography of those years.
All of the songs are re-recorded and feature guest vocalists singing them.
Kid D. (Ryker's), Devrim (Disrespect), Snoopy (Crushing Caspars), Micha (Anticops), Borstel (Isolated) and more singers all contribute in the Punishable Act's songs.
Moreover, there are 3 new songs, that were unreleased at the time this CD was out, but now are featured in their new CD called "Rhythm Of Destruction".
There's a cool multimedia part, as well, featuring photo gallery, biography, a bunch of video-clips, live clips and an interview in German language.
The CD was released in Europe by the band's own label Punishable Style and the Polish label Spook Records, while there was an Asian release by the cool label One Voice Asia. By the way, Punishable Act recently toured South East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines etc.)
All in all, this CD is a very good option if you wanna get an awesome hardcore release in your hands. Go buy it now!

P.S. This was about to be reviewed more than a year ago... Jackass.