Effort Fanzine #1
Effort is an awesome hardcore fanzine from Sweden.
The first issue was released somewhen in 2008 and I just found some time to review it, even if I got my copy months & months ago...
This fanzine is published in Sweden and 2 cool guys are taking care of it (already active in the scene via bands & fanzines...).
Issue #1 includes 60 A4 black & white pages featuring interviews with Lion Of Judah, On, Common Cause, Get The Most, True Colors and Right Idea.
Moreover, there is an interesting interview with Aram (Champion, Betrayed, React Records), a bunch of reviews, lyrics, photo shots and some nice columns!
Effort fanzine is dedicated to positive old school hardcore and especially its revival, as you can imagine by just reading the names of the featured bands.
It's a definitely must have publication for dudes & dudettes in labels like Crucial Attack, Dead & Gone and Powered, too.
It's all about modern old school hardcore with an attitude, sXe hardcore, youth crew revival, high fives & stage dives!
The design is plain and cool; typewriter fonts are used and there's some cut 'n' paste every now & then in its pages.
Issue #2 is already out (featuring a really huge The First Step interview, among other cool stuff) and watch out for issue #3 (to be released soon!)