Only Fumes & Corpses - "Read what's in between" CD
{self - released}
Only Fumes & Corpses come from West Ireland and they exist as a band since 2005. As far as I remember, it's the first time I am writing a review for an Irish band (forgive me if I'm wrong, though!), so it was absolutely interesting for me to sit down and listen to their first CD! I love getting stuff from bands coming from countries not so well known for their local hardcore/punk scene, you know...
Let's get to the point!
Only Fumes & Corpses have already released a demo, that got re-released by the Canadian label Dedication Records as a 4way split with a bunch of other bands, but "Read what's in between" is their fist full length, including 8 songs!
Their style is definitely modern hardcore and I can draw comparisons with bands like American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost and Modern Life Is War.
I read some reviews for this CD claiming that the band is inspired by Sick Of It All, but I must admit that Only Fumes & Corpses' music style has nothing to do with SOIA, in my opinion...
On the contrary, there's a huge influence from the crust scene and bands like Tragedy & His Hero Is Gone. No, they do not play crust, but I decipher some crusty parts in some songs, haha!
The songs are very well structured with a tight and slightly polished production. Moreover they are fueled with cool melodic riffs, dynamic guitars and catchy hooks.
Lyricwise, the band seems to be into political -may I write anti-authoritarian- subjects, adding some personal issues.
The CD is served in a cool digipack case, go for it!