Punchline show report...
Yo yo yo!
You can check out a review for the Punchline show in At
hens on 27th February at the best local metal e-zine, Metal Eagle!
Sorry but this is only for the Greek people or to the ones that understand Greek.
Thanx to Panagiotis Stathis for the report and to Metal Eagle in general for its humble support.
Even though it's not a hardcore la
bel, it shows its dedication to underground music. Respect.
For all the "It's all Greek to me!" kids, here's a review in brief...
The local bands, Against The Society, Human Battle and Eden Demise, totally ruled, while Punchline performed a really great hard
core show for the 52 kids that paid the entrance.
Yeah, it's sad but true, just 52 kids, but no worries, in spite of all the bad situations, World's Appreciated Kitsch's struggle to bring quality underground hardcore / punk bands in our poor country and to spread the message goes on
and on and on...
All the best,

P.S. What's out for the Grave Maker tour, 28-30th March 2009.
Here's the poster, have a look!!!