National Pornografik "D." CD
{Venerate Industries}
Statement no.1: The vocalist of National Pornografik, Chrysa, is the one that gave the name to our precious label, World's Appreciated Kitsch, 3 years ago, even though I doubt if she remembers it!
Statement no.2: National Pornografik have nothing to do with hardcore / punk / metalcore, consequently all the scene narrowminded better read the next review and not this one.
Statement no.3: This record is simply amazing...
Starting out with a cute surrealistic / chaotic artwork that comes in a digipack case and concluding with the last notes of the never - ending marvellous song called "Marbellous", "D." has so much to offer to the whole local - may I call it extreme? - rock scene.
The record includes 9 long songs of atmospheric - post rock music, filled with metallic parts, weird vocals, chaotic riffs and some jazzy moments.
I must admit that I am not the right one to review this CD, since I used to hate everything with the prefix post in it (from post - punk to post office), but I have also to admit that this record along with some other ones made me change my mind...
I could only compare them with bands like Pelican, Keelhaul, Isis and maybe Gathering (they have opened for them a couple of times in the past), but I believe that National Pornografik is something more unique, I don't know...
The CD was mastered at West West Side Studios in New York, by the famous Alan Douches.
Go check 'em out at the release shows, on 23rd March / Gagarin 205 Club, Athens and on 24th March / 8ball Club, Thessaloniki.