Tears Of Blood "s/t" MCD
{Lucifer's Legions Records}
The new Tears Of Blood MCD is one of the latest releases that Lucifers Legions productions, owned by Carsten / Never Face Defeat, has put out.
The members of Tears Of Blood are active in the German scene for more than 10 years and 2 of them used to play in Indication (Age Of Venus Records).
Their style is aggressive and tough hardcore with a lot of metallic references.
Also, their sound reminds me so much of the early 90s and the whole H8000 scene that used to be big in Belgium and Europe that period.
Bands like Congress, Reveal, Kindred and Spirit Of Youth have influenced Tears Of Blood, for sure.
The record includes 5 songs plus intro + outro.
The production contributes to that 90s sound, as well.
It's raw and tight, unveiling a darkness and a melancholic emotion.
Moreover, the melodies are definitely haunted!
I really like their lyrics; they are about issues like everyday life, the hardcore scene, love and society in general. So simple and well conceived, so true.
The artwork could be better, though.
That's all I guess...
Welcome to the past!