"When everybody's gone" CD
Playfalse Records
No Balance... If this CD had fallen in my hands about, let's say, 5 years ago, it would be left on the shelf gathering dust. But lots of things changed since then and musical horizons broadened. Anyways...
The first time I came in touch with "When everybody's gone"( Playfalse records), No Balance's 2nd full length album -and also with the band's music- was in 2008, the year it came out. Before this they had released a 4-song demo CD "Wait for Summer" in 1998, and a 7" on the greek independent label Cannonball Records, entitled "Between Us" in 2000. Not to forget, of course, their first full length album "Lights On" on Librarian Records, a subsidiary of Olon music in 2003. They've also appeared in several compilations.
Musically, they play a very interesting mixture of indie/rock/post punk with an emotional ambient touch. There are, indeed, very few groups in Greece that play this kind of style, but No Balance does it very well, I reassure you!!
Their music made me travel with my mind to places far away and remember loves, old and lost. As for their influences, (I quote from their webpage as I'm not really into this kind of music, except for a few bands) they are, among others, Dinosaur Jr., The Appleseed Cast, Samiam, Afghan Whigs, Fugazi, The Cure, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. They also reminded me of the recent Katatonia. Whether you are a fan of these groups or not, check them out!

After all, it's only about the music, the magic carpet that makes us dream and changes our mood in so many ways...

Personal highlights: "The Last Mistake" with the exquisite opening riff, "Midnight Driving", the Fugazi-like "A Night In Your Car" and the fan-ta-stic instrumental "A Little Wiser Than Me".

With humble gratitude, Leonidas.

Reviewed by: Leonidas the Non-Balanced