Out Of Step - "Always first row" MCD
{self - released}
Out Of Step is a positive hardcore band from Hamburg, Germany. They deliver positively positive - in your face - hardcore music like the good ol' days, reminding me of youth crew / old school hardcore bands from the States.
"Always first row" is their second MCD and it was released a couple of months ago. It includes 7 songs (+ a Ten Yard Fight cover, "Holding On") of fast & furious hardcore / punk music.
The band is strongly opposed to any tough guy & macho actions and they spread their positive message about having good shows, taking care of each other etc.
If you like bands like Chain Of Strength, Battery, Uniform Choice and even Slapshot, then Out Of Step is for you!
They are coming to Greece for 2 shows this weekend, so watch out for them, they definitely rule!
Check out both tour posters.
The Greek one designed by Ultra Grim (hola Jim!).
The whole tour one designed by Javi - www.almaltiempo.com