This Is Past - "Alice In Uglyland" CD
{Venerate Industries}

Some statements before I start my narration.

6) This album, was released in 2008 by Venerate Industries and in my opinion is one of their best CDs.

6) Famous artists Trine Paulsen and Kim Sølve made the album cover. Design and illustration are their extravaganza work.

6) The band (maybe one man band-not sure) sold for some period some painted human skulls!

Fak! This album is awesome! The truth is that I don’t know where to start, just because I lose my mind visiting Uglyland. I started my stroll the day before I woke up myself. It was a queer day that I couldn’t escape from my fears. I always knew who I was. I found the path and started walking fast in front of my shadow. Yeah the night was coming. The forest was gloomy, hostile, and dizzy… I was very frustrated. I wasn’t lucky; Jesus and his demons ate the sun today. I found a house and I entered to find homeliness. The ugly mother and her insane daughter begged for some hugs. I couldn’t understand. I saw at her faces the troops of doom. I went out and found myself into a rabbit warren. Yes, I remembered! The rabbit would show me the river. The river where Alice lived! Eh… strange rabbits I never liked them. His color was yellow and he had the odor of an old man.

- “Come on show me the river” I told him

- “Can you swim in tears?” He said…

Suddenly, an odd dyne threw me out of the river. I was in an experiment. Alice was there just waiting for another victim. I was too small and stayed in front of her like a toy. She was cute...strange guitar riffs, post black metal distortions, dis-avant garde paths and nano-experimental subways decreased my shudders.

Reviewed by: Soc In Uglyland