Show Your Face - "Lost faith" promo CD
{self - released}
SHOW YOUR FACE is a metal/metalcore band from Karditsa,Greece.
They are "alive" since early 2007 and this is their first 6 song promo/demo, named "Lost Faith". All songs have an "in your face" sound and this fact can be only good.
They are influenced by Lamb Of God, Unearth and the whole N.W.O.A.H.M. scene.
"Lost Faith" was recorded and produced at their home studio.
The sound of the promo is cool for a home production but we have to expect something better on their debut full length album that will be released at the end of the summer.
The lyrics focus on personal issues and the world's problems in general.
Concerning the artwork; it is simple but cool and dark!
The promo CD is for free so order it now from the band's myspace profile.
That's all I guess...
Go for them and check them out at Stage Club,Larissa at 11/4 supporting Out Of Step (fast HC from germany)!
Reviewed by: Nick - True To The Game