Since (Time) - "Entropiate" CD
{Venerate Industries}
Since (Time) is a band with 4 members and it is located in Athens, Greece. Their first approach to music was their demo in 2005. Since (time) then the band has taken part in several gigs and they have shared the stage with bands like Intronaut, Red Sparowes and Dub Trio. Their first full length album (released in 2008) with the queer title “entropiate” tickled my ears for a long time. 6 songs of charming, unfathomable repost – rock inhabit the album. I could normally say some kind of instru-metal disprogressive digestive rock is the right mark! They reminded me a lot of Shora but I liked very much the vocals and specially the backing …nooooot! The sound of guitars is pure, clear and doesn’t annoy your head at all. They have classical post rock guitars with all effects reverb, delay, relay and this makes the background of their music full and extra full with onion! No joking just fishing, Since (Time) is an excellent band and the Greek scene needs this type of music. I get bored when I listen to similar bands like GYBE or Mogwai. This band tries to escape from these standards. I haven’t seen them live but I would like very much to join their trip. Songs like “Please light, clarify yourself for me” and “3am 1000 thoughts per minute” fill your mind with odd symmetrical asymmetric pictures. Artwork and production are also very..but very very good! Good choice of the venerate industries!
Don’t miss them on 23rd April at Gagarin 205 club in Athens along with the marvelous National Pornografik, Tardive Diskynesia and Universe 217!
Reviewed by Soc (Alexopoulos)