Shows In Greece...
Fucking true dudettes & dudes!
Tragedy - the Portland based leaders of the melodic crust / hardcore scene - are back in Greece for 3 exclusive shows in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa.
I still remember their first time in Greece (it was in 2001 or 2002, I think...), when I attended their show in Kavala city along with no more than 50-60 crusties & punks.
Nowadays, Tragedy are soooo huge!
Their latest album "Nerve Damage" is a crust-punk-hardcore-whatever opus and they have managed to create a strong fanbase all over the world, including even metalheads.
Anyway, enough with the bla bla stuff, here's the whole schedule and the posters...
Have fun at the shows and cya in Larissa (that day I'll be -almost- "released" of my army obligations, aarghh!).

P.S. Brutal Knights, a fantastic fast hardcore/punk rock 'n' roll band from Toronto / Canada, will perform in the first 2 shows of the tour, in Athens & Thessaloniki, along with Tragedy. Check 'em out here [www.myspace.com/brutalknights] they definitely rule!

Friday, 24th April
Politexneioupoli Zwgrafou / Parking in the basement. Athens.
Along with: Brutal Knights (Canada) + Bad Trip (Thessaloniki).Saturday, 25th April
Street Attack Squat. Athens.
Along with: Brutal Knights (Canada) + Epithanatios Rogxos (Thessaloniki).Sunday, 26th April
Stage Club. Larissa.
Along with: Panikos (Thessaloniki) + Censored Sound (Athens).