"3 songs to salvation" MCD
Cannonball Records
"Kai i fasi einai XLOS"...!
3 brand new songs from the "beer, sausages, chaos" crew of the Athenian suburbs.
Singing about standing up, drinking beers & fucking the police.
Catchy tunes combining melodic punk rock, hardcore, ska/reggae and rock 'n' roll elements, while maintaining a unique sound.
If you are into cool punk rock music, or just cool music, then get this CD, put it in your car stereo and drive to nowhere once more.
Enough with the words.
These guys fucking rule, watch them trashing AN Club up next Monday...

P.S. "To Stand Up den iparxei, apla".
P.S.2 Visit their myspace page and watch their awesome video clip for "Kick in the head".