"Intertheory" MCD
Self - released
Funky Monkey is a pop punk rock band from Thessaloniki and "Intertheory" is their first release, including 5 songs + an intro.
Well, statement no.1, a friend of mine since the early studying years in Komotini, is playing in this band, so it seems really weird to me to write down an objective review, you know!
I still remember John playing with Attention Of Disorder along with my ex-band Disharmonic in 2005, years go by so fast... Woah, am I getting nostalgic?!
Nevertheless, Funky Monkey play fast pop punk rock music in the vein of Good Charlotte and No Use For A Name (the latest records) with some AFI stitches and a huge Blink 182 influence!
Their songs are so well structured and their tunes are so fucking catchy that sometimes I forget that this band is based in Greece, especially in Thessaloniki. I dunno, but they are definitely the best local pop punk rock band nowadays...
They sing about girls, friends, music & fun. What else did you expect? It's pop punk babe!
The production is superb, while the packaging is really cool, even if I would prefer some brighter colors!
The highlight of their existence till now is when they performed live the song "Goodbye" during the Radio Arvyla broadcast program in TV a month ago.
They are also playing along with This Is A Standoff next Monday, so one more reason to get to the show!!!