"Something to clean your butt with" CD
Cannonball Records
Those kids are absolutely crazy!
First of all, there's not any mistake in the band's name I wrote... They are called Day Oof and not Day Off... Weird eh?! Haha!
Secondly, the title of the record doesn't exist (den iparxei diladi!)...
"Something to clean your butt with"? What the fuck? Those lazy assholes offer to us a fucking piece of plastic in order to clean up our butts? Dudes, this hurts, are you retarded or what?
Musically, they are insane, too!
They mix up pure melodic punk rock from the sunny California with modern punk rock / hardcore in the vein of A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere and the likes, with a lot of Iron Maiden metal riffs! They even use some electronic trance parts in a song... and they talk a bit between the songs!
Lyricwise... Hm... They sing about their Erection Problems, for International Adult Conspiracy and the usual stuff... Haha!
The best song title ever? "I'm sorry I didn't call you I thought that you were dead"...! One of my favorites musically, too.
Best lyrics ever? "Your fat mom masturbates when you're not home, where she's alone in the bath she uses your brash between her legs". Are you serious???!!!

P.S. Thanx to Danae for doing the shit concerning the size & the color of the cover!
P.S.2 Check out their new songs in myspace, they are hot.
P.S.3 Guess what??? Yeah, they are playing with This Is A Standoff, too. Next Monday (the 27th); be there...