"Shut The World Out" CD
Shield Recordings
Atlas Losing Grip is the most promising punk rock band out of Sweden nowadays...
They were formed in early 2005 by members of Enemy Alliance and Sista Sekunden (featuring Satanic Surfers members) but some months ago managed to complete a solid line up, with the mighty Rodrigo Alfaro from the legendary Satanic Surfers (and Enemy Alliance drummer) taking the vocal duties!
'Shut The World Out' is their first full length album, that follows 2 EPs, and was released by Shield Recordings, one of the most hardworking Belgian punk / hardcore labels (also home for Rentokill, Smash The Statues, Antillectual, The Real Danger, Gascoigne, Said And Done, among others).
It includes 14 songs of melodic, fast and technical punk rock / skate punk music (with political & personal lyrics) that brings in mind the mid 90s era music & scene.
Do you remember ol' good Epitaph?!
If you like Satanic Surfers, you'll love this, as well, but if you are into bands like Bad Religion, Millencolin, Strung Out, Ten Foot Pole & Propagandhi, you'll like this, too!
Rodrigo sings only in 3 songs in this album, but as I wrote above, he is the new Atlas Losing Grip (by the way, what a great yet weird name!) singer.
The album was produced by the well-known producer Mattias Persson, who is the sound engineer of Satanic Surfers and Venerea, and besides that used to play in the old and legendary Swedish hardcore / crust band, Kontrovers.
Concerning the artwork, I have to state that the cover kicks asses, but you better watch out for the Greek tour poster that features the 'Shut The World Out' cover, changed a bit...!
Ah, yeah, I forgot to write that Atlas Losing Grip are touring Greece the next days...
Put on your dancing shoes and come to join the fun!

P.S. 1: The album includes an Adhesive cover, as well.
P.S. 2: Old school melodic punk rock revival!