"One less to my last" MCD
Dying DIY, Moshpit Culture, Shove Records
Bleeding Eyes is the new release of Moshpit Culture label in collaboration with 2 other cool Italian Do It Yourself labels.
This morning I got some copies of this MCD for my distro, so what a more convenient thing to do than write a humble review?!
To be honest, Bleeding Eyes is definitely not my cup of tea... Even if this statement will harm me ...financially (haha!), I have to admit it.
Their MCD includes 5 songs of modern sludge metal in the vein of Raging Speedhorn, Mastodon & Today Is The Day.
I am not the most fanatic fan of this kind of music, except for a couple of bands like Eyehategod & Iron Monkey, so I am not the right guy to judge it!
Whatever! If you are into sludge, then you'll probably like it a lot!
By the way, the CD was mixed and mastered by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day), and they surely earn points by this, I guess!
Moreover, they have shared the stage with acts like Disfear, Raging Speedhorn and Korn, and besides that they have played Summer Camp festival (2005) along with Slayer, Anthrax, Soulfly and the likes...
They exist since 2002 and they already have a bunch of stuff released.
Fuck me and go check 'em out, they are good enough, I'm just in a more 'punk rock' mood, because I am leaving for the Angry, Young & Poor tour in a couple of hours, ya know...

P.S.1 The artwork is cool, too!
P.S.2 How open-minded for a straight edge kid to review a band that they sing about joints & stuff, haha!