"Demo 2008" CDR
Stand Clear is a UK hardcore band, based in Nottingham.
They started out in September 2008 and they released their demo, including 4 songs, at the end of the year.
They state as influences bands like Side By Side, Knockdown and Outburst... In other words they play old school / youth crew hardcore, fast and furious, with a lot of breakdowns and 2-step parts.
It's a fucking cool demo, but it's a pity that it features only 4 songs (that means not more than 6-7 minutes of music, hehe!), so I better have to wait for their first full length in order to shape a most overall opinion.
The demo is just a plain CDR with a colored 2 pages photocopied booklet, and I know that only the attitude (besides the music) is what matters, but a better cover with a more professional packaging would earn them more points!
Go check it out, it won't cost you more than 2 bucks.

P.S. They have a lot of shows planned, supporting acts like Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Swamp Thing, Famine & In This For Fun!