"Demo 2009" CDR / tape
Pressure is a new youth crew / straight edge band from Portugal featuring ex-members of legendary bands like Pointing Finger (Diogo, who also takes care of Wake Up & Live fanzine) and Broken Distance!
Their first demo was released in CDR edition (100 copies) and tape format (just 48 tapes, sold out in the first few days...) and includes 4 songs of well-played old school, youth crew hardcore, fueled with all the 'cliches' you wanna listen to; fast parts, sing-alongs, 2-step, breakdowns and the likes!!!
I dunno, but I guess that there's an old school revival that takes place the last years, and that's definitely positive because many hardcore kids are bored of all the metalcore / chugga chugga music and wanna listen to something fast, intense and in your face; no fills, no thrills hardcore / punk, the way it used to be and probably the way it has to be!
The 4 songs are going to be released by Positive & Focused Records (great hardcore vinyl label from Holland) in a cute vinyl, while Silly Girl Records from USA are putting out a bunch of 100 new tapes including these songs!
The awesome cover of the demo (and the vinyl, as well) was made by Javi / al mal tiempo, the guy responsible for many World's Appreciated Kitsch posters and flyers, and we are really proud of it!
Get a demo copy from True To The Game distro (www.myspace.com/aristeos), it will kick your ass to the bone!