Notes and Words
Lucifer's Legions Records
This is the latest release of Lucifer's Legions, the label that Carsten -Never Face Defeat- owns, also responsible for the releases of Onfall, Blinded By Trust, Better Off, More Than Ever and more.
Crownstreet Boulevard was originally formed as Anger Management back in 2006.
In the first days of their existence the band played rough & heavy hardcore, but at the end of 2007 they changed both their name and style.
This is their first proper release, a 7 song MCD called 'Notes and Words'.
In their new era the band is into more rocking hardcore, with a lot of melodies and pissed off vocals. They are definitely inspired by Snapcase, in my opinion, though.
One thing's for sure; Crownstreet Boulevard is not your average hardcore band, so you need to listen to the CD a couple of times just to get in their mood and enjoy it better!
The cover artwork is plain and cool, while the production could be better...
Check 'em out!