Demo Tape
Forever Young Records
First of... Tapes rule. I mean, they definitely rule. After all who really cares about pieces of plastic crap? Tapes feature always, and I highlight this, ALWAYS, good music, especially when we have to do with hardcore / punk / crust etc. stuff.
Secondly, Forever Young Records kicks ass. I have all its 4 releases and they are awesome both musically and artistically. This cute tape is limited to only 70 copies and I guess that it's already sold-out (or not?).
Give was firstly named as Homerun but they changed their name a couple of years ago.
They come from Bremerhaven, Germany and they play great yet desperate melodic old school hardcore with a modern touch.
It's dark and melancholic but leaves you with a sweet taste.
I mean, imagine the whole sky painted black when suddenly a star starts to shine.
Or imagine being left in a buried deep cave with just a candle of light.
This star and/or candle is Give.
Melodramatic eh?
The tape includes 3 songs and an intro.
What definitely drew my attention was the lyric section; just read this:
"tonight we have come to give our hearts to you all, and when we meet we will know that destiny has put us together, i keep on, i keep it up, because this is my dream, together we will reach our goals and we will reach out our hands, FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T SEE THE LIGHT WE WILL BURN BRIGHT"
Find this tape now.