demo 2008
Moshpill is a new band from Alexandroupolis, a beautiful city in the northeast Greece.
They consist of former members of other local bands like Morpheus & Other Me and this demo is their first release ever, including 4 songs of mosh-rock music as they describe the style they are playing.
Moshpill manage to create a unique sound drawing influences by Suicidal Tendencies (of course!) and Anthrax, expanding their music borders to punk rock and stoner rock in some parts.
The production is very good and that fact helps a lot the band to unfold their talent, even though they have to improve a bit if they wanna sound more professional and if they wanna make the difference in the thrash / hardcore / punk local scene.
I really like the 3rd song "No Borders, No Soldiers", it's my favorite among the 4 ones that are featured in the demo.
Lyricwise it seems (unfortunately, there's not any lyric sheet included in the demo case) that they deal with social-political issues and personal related stuff. I think that you can get their lyrics from their myspace site.
The guys have already played a bunch of shows, especially in north Greece and they are ready to rock some more cities in the future.
Their demo is available for free or for downloading, just send them a message and you won't regret it!
[To be honest, I find the cover artwork childish, sorry...]