The Eternal Return CD
Victory Records
'The Eternal Return' is the new Darkest Hour's full length album (the 5th, right?) and it was just released. I mean it was released this morning, I'm not kidding you!
To be honest I wasn't too much into this kind of music till the last months...
I mean, I always respected Darkest Hour, but I thought that they didn't 'exist' after "So sedated, so secure" (released back in 2001)...
So after watching them live in Athens some weeks ago and after being my girlfriend's favorite band (be prepared for the song 'My girlfriend listens to metalcore', hah!), Darkest Hour became one of the bands I care about, too.
The band cooperated with Victory Records, once again, for the release of the brand new full length album. You all know that Victory Records of 2009 has nothing to do with Victory Records of the mid 90s-, at least musically... But it still remains one of the best whatever-core labels worldwide.
The new Darkest Hour album is in the vein of their 2 last albums, 'Undoing Ruin' and 'Deliver Us', following the succesful path of melodic Swedish thrash / death metal music with a strong hardcore / punk influence.
I must admit that -musicwise- the new record has nothing to do with hardcore / punk at all...
It's well - structured metal music with super duper catchy melodic yet technical riffs, guitar solos, double-bass drumming and screaming vocals.
What makes Darkest Hour differ from all the typical heavy metal bands it's not the music, of course, but their roots and their attitude.
I mean, this band was formed almost 15 years ago in Washington, DC, as a hardcore/punk outfit that combined metal music with 90s new school hardcore, and now, in 2009, when metalcore is so hype and trendy, they manage to remain unique and keep the passion and energy alive.
Nevertheless, I've already listened 2 times to the new record, but I feel like I have to listen to it again in order to discover more elements and unfold all their creativity and mastermindness.
Moreover, in my opinion, the new record is more metal than all their previous ones, and besides that, there are no standout tracks or hits (as there were in the previous records), but you have to listen to the whole record to form an opinion!
The production was made by Brian McTernan (Senses Fail, From Autumn To Ashes and Thrice), while the cover, as you can see above, is so simple but so fucking nice.
That's all I guess.
If it wasn't for my girlfriend and/or their Athenian show in late May, I may have never reviewed this record...!