My first love CD
Blood & Ink Records
The Red Baron is a brand new Christian straight edge hardcore band based in Florida, USA.
Their first full length album, called "My first love", features 12 songs of pure, positive and honest, hardcore music, dedicated to their straight edge beliefs, to their mighty, Lord Jesus Christ and to the hardcore scene in general, with its ups & downs.
The album was released by the well-known label Blood & Ink Records, also home (either currently or in the past) for bands like xLooking Forwardx, Venia, Saints Never Surrender and No Innocent Victim, so there's no doubt that "My first love" is a high quality release, especially for fans of Blacklisted, Down To Nothing and all this new positive hardcore movement.
Some of you may disagree with their Christian beliefs (they refer to God in many songs), but get used to respect the difference, that's what hardcore is about.
So, sorry for the hardcore lesson interruption... Let's get back to The Red Baron...
"My first love" feature guest appearances by members of Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, In Irons and My Children My Bride, while it's mastered at the infamous West West Side Music studios by Kim Rosen (responsible for Mastodon mastering, as well).
Moreover, the artwork is rad, done by Mike C., known for his work for Bishop & Kill Your Idols.
A great release from a great band that we should keep an eye on them from now on!