The Takeover CD
On The Attack Records
Eden Demise were formed in Athens back in 2004 as Providence and after playing a bunch of successful shows along with bands like Pro-Pain, Born From Pain, Sepultura and Stampin' Ground, plus some local ones, they changed their name into Eden Demise (taken by an Earth Crisis song!) 2 years ago.
Since then they have played with Arch Enemy, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon and even played a show in London with Knuckledust and a show in Bulgaria.
'The Takeover' is their first full length album, including 9 songs of pure metallic beatdown hardcore, with a lot of NYHC and hip hop elements and a thuggish attitude.
The CD was released by the infamous label On The Attack Records, based in the States, and this is one of the few times that local hardcore / punk bands collaborate with such great foreign labels in order to put out their releases.
On The Attack Records is also home for well known hardcore outfits like Search Bloq, Not Without Resistance, Line Of Scrimmage and Fallbrawl.
Back to 'The Takeover'... its production is fucking heavy and tight and due to this fact the band can completely perform their best and manage to create a great brutal hardcore record, that all the fans of this style will surely appreciate.
If you dig bands like Born From Pain, Death Before Dishonor, Knuckledust, you are into the NYHC tough guy hardcore style or maybe the LBU too, and you like your hardcore mixed with hip hop elements and attitude, then this CD is for you.
To be honest I'm not too much into this style and I prefer the positive section of hardcore rather than the tough guy / thug scene. I mean, there's too much hatred and threats in some of the lyrics that I cannot comprehend. But who the fuck am I to judge and definitely I don't know what somebody may have been through in the past, so I cannot write more than just state my opinion.
There are some thought-provoking lyrics, as well, so I'll get by with them!
Concerning the artwork and the whole packaging, it kicks ass!
Congratulations to Jon Demise (the singer of the group) for his art.
If you wanna get a copy of 'The Takeover' you can purchase it either from the band or World's Appreciated Kitsch distro.
Eden Demise are performing live in the biggest rock/metal festival of Greece, Rockwave Festival, on Tuesday 30th June. Be there early, they start their show at 16.00.

P.S. Check out the hidden song, it'll surprise you!