The Simplicity of Condoning a Frump CDEP
Bret Hard Records
Good Reason is the first band from Slovakia that I have ever reviewed in this blog and/or in Keep It Real fanzine, as far as I remember, and this as a fact is definitely very interesting!
They were formed in Bratislava, the capital (and one of the biggest cities of their country) back in 2002 mainly as a NOFX cover band. After the first months of their existence they started writing their own songs and since then they have released an EP, a split CD with King Ly Chee (a hardcore / punk band from Hong Kong!) and last year's first full length album called "Age Of Reason".
'The Simplicity of Condoning a Frump' (btw, one of the weirdest album titles ever...) is their brand new MCD that is about to be released really soon (or maybe it's been already released, I dunno), including 6 songs of melodic punk rock / hardcore music, not unlike Good Riddance, Belvedere and Strung Out.
Their songs are technical yet catchy, while the vocals are tight and with a very good pronunciation for a band not based in England or USA. I mean, you hardly find a band, especially in the East Europe, with such a good singer singing in English language!
One very important thing that I have to state is that I really like their lyrics because they are not following any cliches; sometimes personal some other times ironic, but always serving food for your thoughts!
I also have their previous CD and comparing it to the new one, I must admit that I like the first one a bit more, without saying that 'The Simplicity...' is not a nice record.
You have to check 'em out in their 2 Greek shows; they play in Katerini's Sin City Club on 4th July and in Athens' Lazy Bar (somewhere in the north suburbs, near Vrilissia) on 5th July.
They were supposed to play along with Grave Maker at Angry, Young & Poor fest vol.IV, back in late March, but the whole show was cancelled due to various reasons, so now it's the time to catch them live!