We Have... 7"
Seasons Records
Seasons Records is a brand new label based in Belgium, putting out quality hardcore / punk releases. The 1st Teenage Lust vinyl is the label's title no.2, following the Nuns Go Riot 7" (a review of which you can read above in a couple of minutes!) and a couple of tapes.
Teenage Lust come from Belgium, too, and this is their first proper release, after a promo & a demo tape, both sold out before they were officialy available (by the way, Brainwreck Records just re-released the Teenage Lust 'Fuck' demo, go get it now, it's hot!).
First of all, Teenage Lust is a fantastic name for such a hardcore/punk/rock band.
Secondly, the release comes in a cute pink 7" vinyl, and that's fantastic, too. Some of you may know that pink is one of my favorite colours, ha!
The 5 songs featured here are in the vein of bands like Dead Stop & Justice (both broke up recently), while they draw influences from bands like Count Me Out and American Nightmare, and I dare to say that there's a slight emotional (especially in the lyrics part) hint well hidden in Teenage Lust's music and as I read in the press release they are influenced by Texas Is The Reason and Jawbreaker, as well!
'Nuff said. Go get this from World's Appreciated Kitsch distro. It will rule your nights.