Damaged Guts 7"
Seasons Records
It seems that Seasons Records seek out for hardcore bands that not only play quality & passionate music, but they have awesome band names, too!
Nuns Go Riot were formed in 2007, rising from the ashes of the Belgian bands Cornflames and All Sense Aside. They are playing their last show on 5th July and then they'll break up.
That's sad but at least I'm writing this review in time, before the band's demise. How ironic?!
Well, Nuns Go Riot offer 4 songs of aggressive and emotional rocking hardcore / punk, trying to bridge, as their label claims, the frustration of Boston HC with the passion & honesty of DC punk...
Nuns Go Riot is (or better was) not your typical hardcore band.
They may not follow any cliches, not X up their hands, wear Nike sneakers and Chain Of Strength T-shirts, or demonstrate their love for 88 Boston HC, but they are fucking sincere and their music is for you to sing-along & stagedive.
Nice cover artwork, included.