Per sempre...e poi ancora CD
Moshpit Culture, Dying D.I.Y., Mungga Records
Red Blood Hands is a new school hardcore band from Italy and exist since 2000.
This digipack CD with the amazing packaging is their 3rd release including 7 songs (plus a cover) of quality technical metallic yet rocking hardcore with screaming vocals, not unlike other Italian bands as Kafka, La Crisi and Angelica Mariner.
They also remind me a bit of Shai Hulud and -why not?- Endstand (dude, they are playing a their last show show ever on 22nd May 2010, but before they are gonna do an European tour!!!).
The production is tight and clean and the artwork as I already told ya fucking great.
The lyrics are in their native language, but there are a few explanations in English included in the booklet, fortunately.
I consider the Red Blood Hands' style as Italian hardcore.
You know, the scene in Italy has managed something unique, every time you listen to a band coming from there, you are able to recognise its origin. For some scenesters this is not good at all, but in my opinion it's really authentic... Whatever...
They, also, cover -as a bonus/hidden track- "Stickin' In My Eyes" by NOFX; doing it under their own perspective of course, but it really rocks!
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