Issue #2
self - released
Lay back, relax, have a drink (either alcoholic or not!), put on the stereo the new Rancid CD and get in your hands the Crucial fanzine!
That's the best way to spend your spare time in a summer evening...
...the useless hours, when you have returned from the beach, have had a cold shower, have eaten something light and can't wait for the night to come!
Here you have the chance to make those hours useful.
Throw away the Paolo Coelho book that your ant brought you as a present last Christmas, and get a cool fanzine, a fucking Crucial fanzine...
Crucial 'zine no.2 (I've never read issue #1, what a shame) is a hardcore fanzine based in Cambridge, UK and it's made by a Greek student, John, that lives almost 9 years in the UK and likes Taki Tsan, as well!
I got some copies back in April and finally met the guy in London before the NOFX show in early May, but due to personal business and lack of time (ha!) and simply because I was waiting for the summer to transform into action the prologue I wrote in this review, here you are...
Better late than never.
Issue #2 includes 32 A5 pages, black & white, photocopied, and a bit cut 'n' paste like the old school way, of positive hardcore, a bit pro-straight edge, as I figure out, or not?
You can read some amazing columns like "what not to wear at a gig or in the moshpit", "mosh gloves", "another guide to hate people", "mobile phones", "fans:cunts", plus crosswords for the punx, demo/fanzine/book/local records' reviews, one-sentence reviews and cool interviews with Audacity, xOne Wayx and Vodka Juniors.
Want more?
If so, come to the Dead Vows / Kingdom show on 18th July in Athens (Texas Necropolis Club), meet John there and get issue #3 for free!!!

P.S. By the way, the fanzine is more CRUCIAL than the new Rancid CD...