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Ugly & Proud Records
The Swedish hardcore / punk scene is one of the best in the whole Europe, varying from crust metal bands to straight edge hardcore and So-Cal punk rock. That's a prologue I guess...
Well, Lions Den come from Linkoping and is one of the best straight edge bands that is active in the European scene nowadays.
They feature ex-members of historical Swedish hardcore bands like Outlast, Go For Broke, Another Reason, The Romance & Dead Reprise.
Their first CD was released by the Bulgarian label Ugly & Proud Records (also home for Outrageous, Golden Violence and Blade, keep an eye on them, they are putting out pretty quality releases...) and includes 6 brand new songs plus the 4 songs of their sold out demo.
Lions Den is a straight edge band but they do not follow the youth crew path; they play heavy & tight hardcore instead. They are mainly influenced by early Terror, Internal Affairs and Blacklisted.
The new songs are fast, passionate and straight to your face, while the demo songs include more moshing parts and heavier guitar riffs, inspired by No Turning Back.
I'm gonna push repeat and listen to this CD again, it's definitely nice. You know where to ask if you wanna get a copy, right?
I forgot to say that I really like the artwork, too.