Ferret Records
A band that takes its name by a famous criminal, Ma Barker, that was killed by the authorities in 1935 after an almost 20-year spree of crime, murder and chaos, that committed along with her 4 sons, easily draws your attention, right?
To be honest, this record (that came out some days ago) is the first whole Maylene record I've ever listened to. I only knew the band's name and had a couple of mp3s in the 'music' folder of my PC and that was all. But damn, I fully regret it. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster kick ass and spread fantastic music to the world as the Barker-Karpis gang was spreading around death.
'III' is their 3rd record, as you can figure out. As I already mentioned I've never listened thoroughly to their 2 previous records, so I cannot state any comparisons or tell you how the band improved or changed.
I can only assure you that 'III' is a fucking nice record of rock music combined with hardcore / punk / metal parts. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster manage to create a unique sound featuring the best elements of Southern rock music, fueled with metallic riffs, melodic vocals , hardcore / punk breakdowns and a bluesy attitude.
I read somewhere that they label Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster as "Southern fried metalcore", ha! I think I agree with this term, too.
Just listen to "Oh Lonely Grave" to make your own decisions. Undoubtedly, the best song of the record!
The band comes from Alabama, if this makes any sense to you...
Moreover, the record was released by Ferret Music, one of the best indie hardcore / punk / metal labels of the world; just to give ya a little push to go and get the record!
The production is just ace, while the cover artwork is rad.