The Tropic Rot CD
Ferret Records
I guess that you all know Poison The Well, either you like 'em or not, so a prologue won't make any sense.
So, let's get straight to the point!
'The Tropic Rot' is their 6th release (and the 2nd album in a row they cooperate with Ferret Records) and it was recorded in California with the legendary producer Steve Evetts (who have also worked with The Cure, Everytime I Die and Dillinger Escape Plan, among others) .
Poison The Well expand their boundaries and create their most experimental record ever. 'The Tropic Rot' is not your typical hardcore or metalcore record. I may say that it's closer to post-hardcore; they even remind me of Isis and the likes...
Besides that, it's very mature and well-structured, against the models that bands nowadays follow when they compose music.
I really like the record, even if it took me more than 4-5 efforts to get into it and understand what's going on. It's definitely not an easy listening or the album you'll put in the stereo while you are doing something else.
It's the record that will devour you and conquer your mind and body.
You have to be totally dedicated to it in order to let it unfold everything it hides.
You have to let it haunt you. You have to let it drive you to its forbidden areas.
I may sound poetic and fake but believe me, the new Poison The Well release it's a fucking masterpiece.
The cover art fits with the music, as well.
The album is gonna be released next Tuesday, 7th July, but thanx to Andy / Ferret we are able to enjoy it a week before.