Live Report
AN Club, 19.06.2009
To be honest, I had no idea of how that concert would end up...
I was so busy those days with the No Fun At All show (that was about to take place just one day after the Rosetta show) that it was a luxury for me to attend this show and have some rest.
I arrived at AN Club along with my girlfriend around 22.00 and the show had already started.
In fact, City Of Ships, a trio from USA, were performing their alternative, post - hardcore / metal music.
We only listened to their 2 last songs, however they caught our attention with their amazing compositions. Their new album entitled 'Look what God Did to Us' is out now by Sound Study Recordings (LP edition) and Translation Loss Records (CD edition). Go check 'em out!
I must state that AN Club was almost empty, not more than 50 people were attending the show and that's a very sad thing, because shows like this one really deserve a better feedback.
I dunno... I can assume that the expensive ticket (27 euros - presale, 30 euros - box office) prevented a lot of people from attending the show, but the budget of the show was too high, that's why the promoters decided to put such an expensive entrance, I guess.

Nevertheless, Blindead were next.
A band from Poland featuring Havoc (the guitarist of Behemoth for quite a lot of years) and members of Decapitated and Antigama, as well. Unfortunately, their singer Nick wasn't able to join the tour due to serious health problems, and his replacement for the whole tour, Kvass (also singing from Psychotropic Transcedental) wasn't able to travel to Greece, too.
Consequently, Blindead performed without a singer... Their style can be described as a mixture of psychedelic and doom metal music with sludge elements and Cult Of Luna / Breach stitches.
Really interesting music, combining heavy riffs and brutal vocals, but as I already wrote their singer wasn't there and that made them a bit boring for me. You have to listen to their 'Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes' album and their newest EP called 'Impulse', I enjoy them more than their live performance.

It was just before midnight when Rosetta hit the stage. They come from USA and release their records from the legendary label Level Plane Records (also home for Isis, Coliseum, Transistor Transistor, Ghostlimb, Anodyne and the likes). Well, I can assure you that their show was a blast! Atmospheric riffs, heavy drumming, vocals with ultra reverb and a dark / melancholic feeling floating in the air. Rosetta combine early 90s new school hardcore elements with post - hardcore / metal music and a strong Isis / Pelican touch. By far the best band of the show; they made the crowd move...
All in all, a nice concert of experimental, post-something music that I really liked, even if I got a bit bored during Blindead's show and even if I'm not the best fan of this kind of music.
Congratulations to Catch The Soap Productions for their hard work.
Don't forget to attend the Misery Signals show on 2nd October!!!
photos by: Danai | icon
review by: A.