Against All Odds
Just for tonight MCD
At last a hardcore release coming out of Athens, Greece!
Against All Odds is a brand new local band that exists for a year or two and this is their first release includings 6 songs and a Warzone cover ('The Sound Of Revolution').
They feature former members of The Oi!lers & Hangover (two old yet cool oi!/street punk bands from Greece) and they play uncompromising & aggressive metal-free NYHC.
I had already seen the band in a show last year so it was no surprise for me to see the 'Raybeez 1961-1997' logo on the back cover!
If you are into old New York hardcore stuff, like Agnostic Front, Madball & Warzone or if you like Backfire and the Lost & Found Records stuff, then this is for you!
Against All Odds combine perfectly hardcore spirit fueled music with street punk references.
What I dislike a bit is the CD artwork and I'd prefer the lyrics to be printed in the booklet.
By the way, 'The Sound of Revolution' is one of the best Warzone covers I've ever listened to, what a shame that they didn't exist a couple of years ago when the Warzone tribute (hardcore trivia: Eternalis Records put it out) was released...
Keep it real boys!